Sunday, March 18, 2012



Sometime in the 26th century a massive asteroid side swipes mars, slows down, and travels just outside of our atmosphere. Twice the size as our moon, we investigate.  An abandoned alien civilization is discovered with an unknown energy source. We find that it is the civilization's genetics and knowledge in pure energy form, scientist succeed in harnessing it, implementing the energy into our technology.  A shadow agency that is part of these advancements, starts to radiate the energy into humans. They see huge increases of strength, logic, regeneration, and much more.  They soon find out after mass amounts of this energy physical defects start to take shape, and they no longer have the will to stay quite.
After the years of research on the asteroid, cities are beginning to form on this new rock revolving around our planet and this shadow agency is more than powerful enough to take it over.  After their initial attacks on colonies, the world government deploys the soldiers suited for combat on this asteroid, against an unknown enemy.

Very early Concepts: